Croatia sits across the Adriatic from one of the most revered wine regions in the world. Southern Croatia's jagged and rocky coastline, dozens of white sand islands, hidden coves and miles of blue Adriatic Sea coastline is home to winemaking traditions that date back to 5 BC. Today, there are over 300 defined wine regions in Croatia, which are largely divided between the warmer continental areas and the coastal stretches that boast the flawless Mediterranean temperatures. At the KORTA KATARINA Winery, the winegrowing team believes that great wine is a reflection of its origin. The wines made at KK express the terrain of the Dalmatian coastal areas of the Dingac and Postup regions of the Peljesac Peninsula and the Cara region on the Island of Korcula.

Dingac and Postup Region Winemaking

The Dingac and Postup regions of The Peljesac Peninsula produce wines that are rich in flavor and high in both alcohol and tannins. These regions are home to the indigenous Plavac Mali grape. The name Plavac Mali refers to the small blue grapes that the vines produce. In Croatian plavo means "blue" / plavac refers to "what is blue" and mali means "small." The above average climatic conditions, supreme coastal locations and rocky and the well-drained hillsides is the perfect environment for the plavac mali grape and allows it to "suffer" slightly on the vine. It is this "suffering," combined with the abundance of olive trees, local fruits, flowers and wild herbs, that produce the beauty of KORTA KATARINA'S Plavac Mali, Reuben's Private Reserve Plavac Mali, DECENT X Plavac Mali and Rosé wines. The results are full- bodied, deeply colored wines that taste of dried cherries, hints of raspberries and other earthy characteristics.

Cara Region on the Island of Korcula

KORTA KATARINA'S Posip and our new Sabion sparkling wine are made from select purchased Posip grapes from the Cara region on the Island of Korcula - Croatian's claim it is the true birthplace of the great explorer Marco Polo. Cara is the only area the Posip grapes grows and is abundant with wild flowers, green apples, peaches, and a variety of trees represented in the delightful bouquets of KORTA KATARINA'S Posip and Sabion wines.