At the KORTA KATARINA winery we have one goal... to produce an excellent wine. KK's viticulturist and winemaker Nika Silic Maroevic uses her vast knowledge of the local terrain, born and raised in neighboring Korcula, to perfect the KK winemaking technique. Nika and the winegrowing team believe that great wine is a reflection of its origin. The wines made at KORTA KATARINA express the terrain of the Dalmatian Coast areas of the Dingac and Postup regions of the Peljesac Peninsula and the Cara region on the Island of Korcula.

An important part of managing the KK vineyards, is maintaining the balance between viticulture and nature. KORTA KATARINA believes in environmental responsibility and is dedicated to natural farming techniques. The KK winery practices traditional farming methods to ensure optimum grape quality.

Natural winegrowing for KORTA KATARINA winery means working in harmony with nature to produce the finest quality wines. Environmentally friendly practices include conserving soils and water, managing pests, and recycling water and materials.


Once the grapes ripen each cluster of KK grapes are hand-harvested and placed into small bins in order to avoid bruising and premature crushing. They are transported from the vineyard to the winery, hand sorted, de-stemmed, crushed and gravity flowed into the stainless steel fermenting tanks. The gentle handling of the fruit and the design of our "gravity flow" process ensures a delectable wine.

Croatian Winemaking Process

After the grapes go into the fermenters, the temperature in the fermenter is lowered using state of the art designed cooling tanks. The grapes will be allowed to "soak" for several days. Afterward the temperature will be raised and fermentation of the sugars will begin and continue on for approximate 8- 10 days. Following this fermentation the wine is allowed to remain in contact with the skins for an addition 30 days in order to maximize the extraction of color and flavor from the skins. This process is called "maceration." Following maceration the wine will be drained off of the skins and flow down to empty barrels in the cellar underneath the fermentation level using gravity's natural flow. Here the wine will be aged.


KORTA KATARINA Winery only uses the finest French Oak barrels for storing its wines. The degree to which the barrel uses new oaks will vary depending on the how the wine is destined to be bottled. Reuben's Private Reserve Plavac Mali wine will typically be in the barrels with 80-100% new French Oak. Plavac Mali, DECENT X, Posip and Rose wines will use lower amounts depending on the style and variety of the wine in barrel. Ultimately the winegrowing team will taste the wines in barrel regularly to monitor the wines development and later determine which lots will be selected for our Reserve blend. For more on cellaring visit our WINE SERVICE page.