Croatia sits across the Adriatic from one of the most revered wine regions in the world. Southern Croatia's jagged and rocky coastline, dozens of white sand islands, hidden coves and miles of blue Adriatic Sea coastline is home to winemaking traditions that date back to 5 BC.

Today, there are over 300 defined wine regions in Croatia. These regions are divided between the warmer continental areas and the coastal stretches that boast the flawless Mediterranean temperatures. These areas produce 64 indigenous grape varietals. Link to wine region map. Located on the Dalmatian Coasts Peljesac Peninsula, KORTA KATARINA's portfolio of wines are from the regions of Dingac and Postup (Plavac Mali & Zinfandel) and Cara (Posip) on the Island of Korcula.

Croatia has developed a classification system that clearly distinguishes between different quality levels. Only about 5% of the country's wines qualify for the "Vrhunsko Vino" or "Premium Quality Wine" designation. A slightly larger percentage of wines are classified as "Kvalitetno Vino" or "Quality Wine," and the remaining wine is labeled "Stolno Vino" or "Table Wine."