WINE SERVICE (Storage and Aging)

At KORTA KATARINA we have tested our wines and suggest that the wines be served at the following temperatures...

PLAVAC MALI 16°/18° C - 61°/64° F

REUBEN'S RESERVE PM 16°/18° C - 61°/64° F

DECENT X 16°/18° C - 61°/64° F

ROSE 14° / 16° C - 57°- 61° F

POSIP 12° - 14° C / 52° - 54° F


When removing our suite of Plavac Mali wines from cellar/storage we suggest to do so an hour prior to serving or place a room-temperature bottle in the refrigerator for 20 minutes prior to serving.

Both old and new vintages benefit from DECANTING. Decanting removes the sediment that collects in older vintage bottles. A few of our decanting suggestions are...

If the wine bottle is cellared/stored on its side, set the bottle upright for 24 hours in advance. This process will allow the sediment to settle. If 24 hours is not possible, simply keep the bottle on its side while decanting.

Pour the wine out of the bottle slowly. Look to see when the sediment reaches the bottle's neck and discard the sediment and serve from the decanter.

To aerate younger wines (vintages less than seven years old) KK suggests giving it a "hard decant" an hour before serving. A "hard decant" suggests turning the bottle upside down over the decanter and allowing the wine to flow, almost "splash" out of the bottle.

If you do not have time for decanting, simply open the wine and allow it to breathe and open up during your meal or event.


At KORTA KATARINA our Plavac Mali red wines provide great pleasure in their youth or mature beautifully with cellaring. If you enjoy the complexity and delicacy of mature wine our Plavac Mali and Reuben's Reserve Plavac Mali may successfully age for 8 to ten years or longer past its vintage date (assuming properly controlled storage). If you prefer a younger, fruitier wine, you may enjoy KORTA KATARINA's Plavac Mali and RR PM and DECENT X upon its release and at KK we suggest a "hard decant" of the wines an hour before serving.


As to the conditions under which wines should be stored, several factors are important: the actual temperature and humidity of storage, the consistency of those measures, the structure and potential longevity of the wine, variations in the age-worthiness of vintages, and how long you desire to wait before opening your bottles.

Lower temperatures cause wines to age more slowly and warmer temperature accelerate aging. At KK we suggest cellaring our red wines that you plan to store/cellar for years at a constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 13 degrees Celsius. If you feel you will consume your wine soon, 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius is sufficiently cool and is the perfect temperature for serving most red wines. (See WINE SERVICE above for information on the recommended serving temperature for KK Plavac Mali wines.)

High temperatures will quickly destroy a wine's delicate bouquet and balance. It does not matter if the wine is Red, White or Rose... No wine should be exposed to temperatures higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius. Keep the temperature of your wines consistent. Fluctuating temperatures cause wines to expand and contract and pulls in tiny amount of oxygen that act as aging accelerates.